Thursday, June 11, 2020

We Are Rolling!

Anthony P., this year's youngest Challenger
We are rolling, Challengers, and what a start we've had! We have over 144 participants, including an entire team (managed by their coach), seventeen Mites, and one Mini-Mite.  Little Anthony P. (pictured), may be small, but he is mighty!  We can't help but root for this 3.5 year old as he shoots 1000 pucks this summer.  We felt that even 2500 might be a lot for his little arms. Have you started shooting? You can do it!

As we kick off the Challenge, note that the BONUS training is just that: BONUS TRAINING! If you have any questions about the drills, simply search on the internet. I did check that you could find videos before assigning the drills. As many of you already know, after seven (7) 5000 Shot Challenges (and 6.5 years), today (June 11th) is my last day at TSR. I will miss hearing the stories about all you kiddos and hope you all have fun working towards a stronger, more accurate shot. Score me a few goals this upcoming season!! With that said, please be sure to forward your sheets to

Keep an eye on emails and the blog as the Snipers of the Week are chosen. And, don't forget you have to turn in completed sheets to have your name put in the drawing for Sniper of the Week. 


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Ready for the Challenge?

It's that time of year again!  Sign up now for the best off-season shooting challenge and watch your shot get better, faster, stronger, and more accurate -- just in time for your season to begin.  

This is our eighth annual Challenge and we are ready to mix it up!  Why? Because there's a pandemic...and why not?  Since most Challengers won't be back on the ice for awhile, the off-season has begun earlier and is more important than ever. We are planning to mix in rollerblading and more stickhandling drills.  Make sure you're ready to participate!

Sign up via email:

Make sure you have:
1. A net or something to shoot at (preferably not your garage doors!)
2. Targets or shooter tutor
3. Shooting board (simulates ice and is kinder to your stick)
4. Pucks (have at least 20 to keep this fun)

Eventually, having rollerblades and some obstacles to stickhandle around - like cones or Sweet Hands - will be helpful.  

Think you are up for the Challenge? Great!  Sign up today...and remember: there's a prize for everyone who finishes the 5000 Shot Challenge and chances to win Sniper of the Week along the way. This year's Challenge is June 6-August 29, 2020.

Friday, September 27, 2019


The smile on Edgar's face says it all: shooting 5,000 pucks this summer was worth it once he saw his new Under Armour duffle!  First-time finishers of the 5k Challenge received UA backpacks, but Edgar (and several others) are REPEAT FINISHERS so they got to choose between a backpack or a duffle bag.  

So, if you finished this year, you can look forward to that same choice next year!  Make sure you join the fun next summer and you, too, can get a backpack that shows off your accomplishment.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Pink in the Rink: it's time!

It's time to put Pink in the Rink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month!  We've compiled a bunch of pink items so that you can show your support.  OR, you can order a box for your entire team!

Email me to order an entire box or shop online here for individual pink items.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Wrap Up...and next year!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's 5000 Shot Challenge and certainly to everyone who finished!  We had 133 players sign up to participate and 36 finishers.

By the numbers:
  • 217,200 total shots
  • 3 girls finished: Riley L., Caitlin B., and Ava F.
  • 5 Mites finished: Colton W., David H., Grady C., Owen M. and Myles M.
  • 4 sets of brothers finished: Owen and Tyler M., Zach and Dylan A., Tyler and Ryan G., and the three Kelly brothers who have finished the Challenge for all of the last 6 years
  • 1 father/son duo: Dave and Sam R.
  • Liam C. had the most shots at 11,421 with Sam R. (10,500) and John D. (10,051) close behind him
  • The North Shore Shamrocks 07 team had 3 finishers: Timmy S., Niko T., and Austin M. A 4th teammate came close to finishing so watch out for that team this season!
Our ten Snipers of the Week were all asked why the love hockey.  A common theme was because hockey is fun and teammates are awesome! Our ten snipers were Davids H., Grady C., Rhyas D., Colton W., Liam C., Connor D., Mikey Y., Owen M., John D., and Caitlin B.

All finishers should have received emails about prizes.  Please email me if you think you are a finisher and are not listed below as a finisher. Repeat 5K Challenge finishers should have received an email offering a prize other than the UA backpack.  Let me know if you are a repeat finisher and didn't get that options.

Mark your calendar for next year's 5K Challenge!  Kick off is Saturday, May 30, 2020.

2019 5000 Shot Challenge FINISHERS:

Tyler M.
Owen M.
Daniel H.
Conor K.
Brendan K.
Brian K.
Preston J.
Sam R.
David R.
Dylan A.
Zachary A.
Ava F.
Caitlin B.
Riley L.
John D.
Grady C.
David H.
Ethan K.
Austin M.
Myles M.
Chase P.
Tyler P.
Cole R.
Andrew S.
Niko T.
Colton W.
Timmy S.
Riley M.
Mikey Y.
Tyler R.
Edgar M.
Connor D.
Tyler G.
Ryan G.
William T.
Liam C.

Congrats to everyone!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sniper of the Week #10: Caitlin B.

Congratulations to Sniper of the Week #10: Caitlin B.! This is Caitlin's first year participating in the 5000 Shot Challenge but, boy oh boy, did she ever dedicate herself to it:she shot 7,000 pucks this summer! Caitlin is one of only three girls to finish the Challenge...way to go!

Favorite team: Pittsburgh Penguins
Favorite pro: Sidney Crosby
Favorite pump-up song: Faded by Alan Walker
Favorite pre-game meal: Pasta and fruit

Caitlin, who is 12, has only been playing hockey for two years. She loves hockey because of the competitiveness and friendships she makes.  Plus, she likes hanging out with girls who love hockey!

Congrats, Caitlin...we're proud of you!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Be Like Mike(y)!

Mikey Y. finished the 5000 Shot Challenge in style on Monday, August 12th and it was all captured on video thanks to mom, Lori. This is Mikey's third year finishing the Challenge! Did you shoot in style? Send us your videos/pix of you participating so we can feature you on the blog, too. 

We are now in our "extra two weeks" period of the 5000 Shot Challenge.  Keep shooting and make sure your sheets are turned in no later than August 26th for them to count. 


  • Of the 133 people signed up to participate, only 53 have turned in sheets
  • Total shots taken: 180,837
  • Finishers (as of 8/13): 20
  • Of the 20 finishers, 19 are boys
  • Of the 20 finishers, 4 are mites...that's 20%!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Most shots taken (as of 8/13): 10,051 by John D. yet Liam C. is closing in fast with 8,951
  • This is the sixth year of the 5000 Shot Challenge for the Kelly brothers and Ethan K. have participated in the 5000 Shot Challenge since 2014.  That means they've shot at least 30,000 pucks EACH since then!