Friday, August 17, 2018

Week 10 Sniper: Ryan R.

Congratulations to our Week 10 Sniper of the Week: Ryan R. has been a 5,000 Shot Challenge participant in the past and it's been great to get to know him!  Although Ryan hails from western Massachusetts, he plays for Governor's Academy in Byfield. Read more about Ryan:
How many years playing? 14

Lefty or righty? LEFTY

Position?  DEFENSE

Favorite pre-game food:  CHICKEN AND RICE

Favorite team:  ST LOUIS BLUES

Favorite player:  COLTON PARAYKO


Favorite thing about hockey?  THE TEAM AND COMPETITION 
We are down to our final week of shooting.  Please have your last sheets emailed to me by Saturday August 25th:  We already have some finishers so join the group that will be receiving a great gift for finishing!!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mighty Mites: the youngest 5K participants are setting the bar

Being a little kid isn't always easy: early bedtimes, must-eat veggies, and even the make-your-bed nagging can make a kid wish to be older.  Big kids sometimes think little kids aren't capable of big expectations, but this year's youngest 5000 Shot Challenge participants are blowing those thoughts out of the water:  these "Mighty Mites" are proving that they, too, can do the same things as the big kids.
Traditionally, mites are required to shoot "only" 2500 pucks to be considered finishers. Of the 31 mites signed up to participate in this year's Challenge, only nine have actually participated (turned in shooting logs). Those nine players have shot over 17,000 pucks this summer with 4 weeks still to go in the Challenge. Inspired by Gavin W., a Rochester Coalition mite who insisted on shooting the full 5,000 pucks, we wanted to learn more about all the mites participating.
Gavin W.
Gavin W.
Gavin, our inspiration and a mite with the Rochester Coalition, has been playing hockey for four (4) years and says his favorite thing about hockey is hanging out with his buddies.  He has found that the most fun part of the 5000 Shot Challenge is that it's helping him become a sniper! Gavin cheers for the Washington Capitals, which his mom insists was Gavin's favorite team before they won the Cup. Gavin's goal is the full 5,000 shots; he has already shot 2,000 pucks this summer.

Daniel H.
Daniel H.
Daniel has also been playing hockey for four (4) years and says that hockey is "just so fun." He likes shooting and passing.  Daniel's favorite team is the Boston Bruins.  His favorite thing about the 5,000 Shot Challenge?  "Aiming and taking all those shots," which is good because he has already shot over 3,100 pucks this summer!

Ryan G.
Dylan A.

Ryan G.
Ryan started playing hockey three (3) years ago and says his favorite thing about hockey is "working as a team." He loves the Buffalo Sabres and thinks working on his shot is the best part of the 5,000 Shot Challenge. Ryan has shot over 2,300 pucks.

Dylan A.
Dylan, a Methuen Ranger, stopped by the TSR Tent Sale and learned first hand how the Sniper of the Week is chosen.  He even got to help pick a Sniper! Dylan has been playing hockey for five (5) years and thinks scoring goals is the best part of hockey. As for the 5,000 Shot Challenge? His favorite part is that he is getting better each week.  Dylan has shot over 1,700 pucks this summer.
Jackson L.
Jackson L.
Jackson, a mite from Andover, has been playing hockey for four (4) years. He cheers for the Bruins and the Golden Knights when he's not playing. His favorite thing about hockey is playing goalie when it's his turn. Jackson thinks getting better at shots is the best part of the 5,000 Shot Challenge and he has already shot over 1,800 pucks this summer.
Ryan G.
Ryan G.
This will be Ryan's, a mite from Bradford, MA, fourth year playing hockey.  He loves scoring and hitting people and thinks the best part of the 5,000 Shot Challenge is improving his shot with all the practice. Ryan roots for the Boston Bruins and has shot over 3,200 pucks this summer!

Michael F.
Michael F.
Michael, another mite from Rochester Coalition, has been playing hockey for four (4) years and loves skating fast.  He says hockey is exciting! Since he's a New Yorker, we won't hold it against him that he roots for the NY Rangers. Michael says the 5,000 Shot Challenge makes him get better at hockey in the summer.
Colton B.
Colton B.
Colton, who wears #45 for his mite team, started skating when he was three (3) years old. His favorite thing about hockey is having fun with his teammates because "we are all friends." Colton roots for the Bruins when he's not playing. About the 5,000 Shot Challenge, Colton says the "best part has been practicing each day and seeing my shot get better." Colton has shot 1,500 pucks so far this summer.
Jackson V.
Jackson, another Rochester Coalition mite, has shot almost 1,600 pucks this summer and loves being rough in hockey.  He has been playing for four (4) years and he roots for the Calgary Flames when he's not playing. Jackson says the best part of the 5,000 Shot Challenge is learning to shoot hard.
These nine mites have proven that the bigger you train, the bigger you play.  We hope they have a great season and hope the 5,000 Shot Challenge is a small part of it. Thanks Gavin W. for inspiring us to get to know you and the other Mighty Mites!  Keep shooting!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sniper #9: Tyler R.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week: Tyler R. Tyler was the first to reach the 5000 shot milestone...and he's a GOALIE!  He's been playing hockey for 6 years and says making glove saves is the best part of hockey (besides the game itself!).

Favorite pump-up song: High Hopes by Panic at the Disco

Favorite team: Boston Bruins

Favorite player: Marc-Andre Fleury

Pre-game ritual: sitting quietly to get in "the zone"

Lefty or Righty? Righty, but everything else in his life is done lefty

Ty wins a $15 gift card to TSR, plus a roll of tape.  Congrats, Ty!
Keep an eye out for an upcoming story on the youngest 5000 Shot Challenge participants.  These MIGHTY MITES will amaze you!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sniper #8: Riley L.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week, Riley L.  Riley is one of the few girls participating in the Challenge and has shot over 3,000 pucks this summer.  She is an 11-year-old right shot forward who loves scoring goals and being with her teammates.

Position: Center or Wing

How long playing: 5 years

Favorite team: Boston Bruins

Favorite player: Adam McQuaid (because she met him)

Best place to shoot pucks: the basement

Riley wins a $15 gift card to TSR and a roll of tape. Shoutout to 5000 Shot Challenge participants Zach A. and Dylan A. who stopped by the TSR Tent Sale over the weekend and helped choose Sniper #8. Thanks, boys!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sniper #7...and we have our FIRST FINISHER!

Sniper #7: Chase G.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week, Chase G.  Chase is an 8-year-old Squirt who has been playing hockey for 4 years and has shot over 2,700 pucks so far this summer.  His biggest superstition for playing well is that he has to shoot pucks at home before a game.

Position: Center

Shoots: Left

Favorite team: Vancouver Canucks

Favorite player: Bo Horvat

Best pump-up song: Red Solo Cup by Toby

Best pre-game meal: Dunkin' Donuts Wake-up Wraps

BIG SHOUTOUT to our first finisher: TYLER R.

Tyler, a 10-year old Squirt, is the first participant to shoot 5,000 pucks!  Well done and keep going! Check out everyone's progress below:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Congratulations to Sniper #6: RJ

RJ is a nine-year-old left-shot defenseman who has been playing hockey for five years. He has shot over 3,300 pucks already this summer! RJ wins a TSR gift card and a roll of tape.

Favorite team: Boston Bruins

Favorite player: Jack Eichel

Best pump up song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Best pre-game meal: sausage, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel

Superstitions: Gotta wear the base layer inside out...and backwards.

Congrats, RJ! 

Mark your calendars!  We'd love to see you at our store any time, but even more next week during our 10th Annual Real Deal Tent Sale. Get geared up for next season with skates, sticks, and protective up to 65% off. Sale starts Thursday at 9a.  Make sure you come find me and say hello!  I know all your names and will have a special treat for any 5000 Shot Challenge participants who come to the Tent Sale.  I'll be there Thursday through Saturday all day long!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How's YOUR Challenge going?

Congratulations shooters: you've made it through five weeks of shooting and combined have shot almost 74,000 pucks!  Check out the progress graph below. Some of you are on pace to finish in less than 10 weeks (you're shooting more than 500 pucks per week) and some of you are on track to use all 12 weeks available.  BOTH ARE GREAT!!!  You are all doing such a great job so keep it up no matter your pace!
Thank you to everyone who has sent in pix of you doing the hard work. Keep 'em coming!
The Rochester Coalition from Rochester, New York has THREE TEAMS participating in this year's 5000 Shot Challenge.  Have you convinced your teammates to shoot this summer? If not, tell them to start!  Remember, your team is only as strong as your weakest link. Great job, ROC Hockey!!