TSR is in an elite category when it comes to building custom skates.  From tongue, tendon guard, and Tuuks to blade, boot, and eyelets, we can build custom skates to your exact specs.  Look at these recent orders for Mike Iovanna and Jake McKennelley...

SPECS: APX2 skate, size 5-1/4 (left) and 5-3/4 (right), with APX2 Liner, Supreme felt tongue, oversized tuuks, all copper rivets, injected eyelets, double heel lifts.

SPECS:  MX3 skate and liner, size 8-3/4 (left) and 9 (right), with APX2 white felt tongue less 1/2" width, oversized tuuks, injected eyelets, single heel lifts.

Who, What, Why...
Depending on the time of year, custom skates take four (4) weeks from order to delivery.  A fitting appointment with Brendan Sheehy is required (call our Salem store to make an appointment: 603.898.7777) and should take about an hour.  Custom skates are ideal for players with two different sized feet, oversized insteps, elongated arches, bony structures, and pronation/supination issues, and any player who likes specific parts of different skate models.  

Cost: $950/pair for custom Bauer skates

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