Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ready....Set....SHOOT! 2015 5000 Shot Challenge Kicks Off

Under bright blue skies TSR's 3rd Annual 5000 Shot Challenge kicked off with sponsors High End Hockey and Shoot to Score on hand to help young shooters. Also sponsored by Bauer Hockey, the program encourages players of all ages to keep their hockey skills sharp during the off-season by shooting 5000 pucks over the course of 10 weeks. 

With instruction from HEH and STS today, young shooters were given free tips at TSR's Salem store.  The kids had a blast destroying things like a pinata (complete with candy, of course), a water heater, and a large screen tv.  Even the strongest shooters at the event couldn't make a dent in an old computer monitor.  While getting a harder, more accurate shot is the goal of the 10-week program, learning to commit to -- and complete -- a goal is a life lesson for any player.  

Send in pics of your shooter during the Challenge, and follow the blog for weekly shooting tips by High End Hockey, and TSR Sniper of the Week profiles.