Monday, July 20, 2015

High End Protect + Kinn Wins!

Protecting the Puck on Your Backhand

Protecting the puck on your backhand is an important skill because it will allow you to get off a clean shot.  If you are driving wide on your backhand side, you want to protect the puck so that the impending defenseman can't take it from you. Watch this week's High End Hockey video to see this in action!

Sniper of the Week: Kinn M.

Congratulations to Kinn M., an 11-year-old PeeWee who is participating in his first 5000 Shot Challenge this year. Kinn wins a $15 TSR gift card and a 30-minute shooting lesson with High End Hockey!

Team: Vipers
Position: Defense
Favorite subject: English
Favorite hockey team: Boston Bruins
Favorite player: Jack Eichel
Favorite pre-game meal: Pizza and a Coke
Favorite non-hockey thing to do: play baseball

Could you be our next Sniper of the Week? Be sure you turn in your tracking sheets to be qualified.

Monday, July 13, 2015

What a Tangled Web...

We Weave (or hit)

The actual quote, from Sir Walter Scott, is "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."  Now let's hope that tangled weave is the back of the  net! Deceptive shooting involves protecting the puck, shooting around obstacles (like another player) and faking shots to fool the goalie.  Watch this week's High End Hockey video to see this in action.

Take a look at local Challenger, Itai, using a glove as the obstacle to pull the puck around before shooting. Great job, Itai (and little bro, Liam, picking up all the pucks he shot!)!!


Sniper of the Week: Jayden A.

Jayden A. is this week's Sniper of the Week.  With over 1500 shots taken already this summer, this 13-year-old Bantam is making up for lost time when a broken arm last year cut short his Challenge!
Favorite summer activity: Swimming
Position: Right Defense
Favorite team: Bruins
Favorite player: Zdeno Chara
Favorite pre-game meal: Homemade Pizza
Favorite pump-up song: Rap God (Eminem)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stars & Snipes

Sniper of the Week: Ethan G.
Congratulations to Ethan G., our Sniper of the Week for last week's star-studded holiday week. This is Ethan's second year taking the Challenge -- last year he shot 5,750 pucks!!!
Favorite Summer Activity: swimming
Position: defense
Favorite Team: Bruins 
Favorite Player: Bergeron 
Favorite Pre game meal: noodles
Favorite Pump up song: Trapqueen 

As a Sniper of the Week, Ethan wins a $15 gift card to TSR Hockey and a 30-minute shooting lesson from High End Hockey!  Make sure your tracking sheets are returned to and you may be our next Sniper of the Week!