Monday, July 30, 2018

Sniper #8: Riley L.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week, Riley L.  Riley is one of the few girls participating in the Challenge and has shot over 3,000 pucks this summer.  She is an 11-year-old right shot forward who loves scoring goals and being with her teammates.

Position: Center or Wing

How long playing: 5 years

Favorite team: Boston Bruins

Favorite player: Adam McQuaid (because she met him)

Best place to shoot pucks: the basement

Riley wins a $15 gift card to TSR and a roll of tape. Shoutout to 5000 Shot Challenge participants Zach A. and Dylan A. who stopped by the TSR Tent Sale over the weekend and helped choose Sniper #8. Thanks, boys!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Sniper #7...and we have our FIRST FINISHER!

Sniper #7: Chase G.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week, Chase G.  Chase is an 8-year-old Squirt who has been playing hockey for 4 years and has shot over 2,700 pucks so far this summer.  His biggest superstition for playing well is that he has to shoot pucks at home before a game.

Position: Center

Shoots: Left

Favorite team: Vancouver Canucks

Favorite player: Bo Horvat

Best pump-up song: Red Solo Cup by Toby

Best pre-game meal: Dunkin' Donuts Wake-up Wraps

BIG SHOUTOUT to our first finisher: TYLER R.

Tyler, a 10-year old Squirt, is the first participant to shoot 5,000 pucks!  Well done and keep going! Check out everyone's progress below:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Congratulations to Sniper #6: RJ

RJ is a nine-year-old left-shot defenseman who has been playing hockey for five years. He has shot over 3,300 pucks already this summer! RJ wins a TSR gift card and a roll of tape.

Favorite team: Boston Bruins

Favorite player: Jack Eichel

Best pump up song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

Best pre-game meal: sausage, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel

Superstitions: Gotta wear the base layer inside out...and backwards.

Congrats, RJ! 

Mark your calendars!  We'd love to see you at our store any time, but even more next week during our 10th Annual Real Deal Tent Sale. Get geared up for next season with skates, sticks, and protective up to 65% off. Sale starts Thursday at 9a.  Make sure you come find me and say hello!  I know all your names and will have a special treat for any 5000 Shot Challenge participants who come to the Tent Sale.  I'll be there Thursday through Saturday all day long!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How's YOUR Challenge going?

Congratulations shooters: you've made it through five weeks of shooting and combined have shot almost 74,000 pucks!  Check out the progress graph below. Some of you are on pace to finish in less than 10 weeks (you're shooting more than 500 pucks per week) and some of you are on track to use all 12 weeks available.  BOTH ARE GREAT!!!  You are all doing such a great job so keep it up no matter your pace!
Thank you to everyone who has sent in pix of you doing the hard work. Keep 'em coming!
The Rochester Coalition from Rochester, New York has THREE TEAMS participating in this year's 5000 Shot Challenge.  Have you convinced your teammates to shoot this summer? If not, tell them to start!  Remember, your team is only as strong as your weakest link. Great job, ROC Hockey!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

TWO NEW SNIPERS: Connor & Pete

CONGRATULATIONS to Connor D. and Peter L., our newest Snipers of the Week.  Both players win $15 gift cards to TSR Hockey, plus a roll of tape.  Combined, Connor and Peter have shot almost 5,000 pucks already this summer...and we've only completed 5 weeks of shooting. 


Connor is a 12-year old left-shot center/right winger who has been playing hockey for 8 years.
Favorite team: Boston Bruins
Favorite player: Connor McDavid
Favorite pump-up song: Hall of Fame
Best pre-game meal: Pasta
Superstition: Has to put on his skates before his pants.


Pete is our fifth Sniper of the Week for this summer!  He is also 12 years old and plays both defense and wing.  Pete, a right shot, has been playing hockey for 7 years.
Favorite team: Boston Bruins
Favorite player: Charlie McAvoy
Favorite pump-up song: Migos T-Shirt remix
Best pre-game meal: Eggs and sausage
Superstition: Has to arrive at the rink exactly an hour before gametime.
Congrats to both boys!  If you're shooting, make sure you are sending in your tracking sheets each week.  Every time you send in a completed week you get another entry into the Sniper of the Week contest.  Email them to: