Monday, August 24, 2015

By the Numbers: 2015 5000 Shot Challenge Ends

Congratulations to every participant this year and especially to those who finished the required shots this summer.  We heard from many of you that your shot got harder and more accurate, and that you were motivated to finish.  We hope you had fun!

Saturday's wrap up event, featuring Jon Hutcheon from High End Hockey, was lots of fun! Winners' names were drawn and prizes awarded. If you participated in this year's Challenge, a limited edition tshirt is waiting for you at our Salem store.


Rocco M. - Bauer 1N stick
Tyler P. - HEH shooting lesson

William T. - Bauer 1N stick
Tyler G. - HEH shooting lesson

Conor K. - Bauer 1N stick
Ethan G. - HEH shooting lesson

Andrew W. - Bauer 1N stick
Drew B. - HEH shooting lesson

Aidan C. - Bauer 1N stick
Brian K. - HEH shooting lesson

...and special congrats to the only girl to finish the 5000 Shot Challenge this year: Sophia P. who won both the Bauer 1N stick and HEH shooting lesson. 

High End Hockey

Huge thanks to High End Hockey for our weekly videos and for being at both the kickoff and wrap up events.  High End Hockey is a skills program that has grown to currently service over 500 players a summer between skills, 3 on 3 leagues and tournament teams.  Jon works with players in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, SPHL, SM-Liga, SEL, DEL, NCAA D1/D3, Junior A, Prep School, down to learn to play.  He is currently the coach of the Boston Junior Rangers 18U team, the Boston Junior Rangers MET team, and is the youngest coach to win a national championship as the coach of the Neponset River Rats (2012-13). 
High End Hockey offers private shooting lessons on the synthetic ice surface at Breakaway Ice Center and has upcoming vacation clinics (Columbus Day and Veteran's Day).  Get more info on private lessons (and invaluable resource) and the rest of what High End Hockey offers at

By the Numbers

Number of shooters to sign up: 147
Number of shooters who participated: 76
Number of shooters who finished: 38
Highest number of pucks shot: 10,000
Number of girls who finished: 1
Number of Midgets to finish: 2
Bantams had highest amount of finishers: 11
Furthest participants (all finishers!!): the Cunningham brothers from Wisconsin
Total number of pucks shot by participants: 217,663

Well done, shooters!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tips for an Effective Backhand Shot

Watch this week's video from High End Hockey for tips on how to make your backhand shot strong.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sniper of the Week: Andrew W.

Congratulations to this week's Sniper of the Week, Andrew W. 

Andrew is a rising 7th grade defenseman who has completed this year's 5000 Shot Challenge. He wins a $15 gift card to TSR Hockey and a 30-minute shooting lesson with High End Hockey.

Favorite team: Boston Bruins
Favorite player: Torey Krug
Favorite non-hockey activity: video games
Favorite pre-game meal: Pizza
Best pump-up song: Sail - AWOLNATION

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cunningham Bros.: Trifecta Finishers

Like the Kelly brothers, the Cunninghams are three brothers strong...and all are finishers in this year's 5000 Shot Challenge!  From Baldwin, Wisconsin, the boys were self-motivated to finish, says their dad/coach, Joe.  The coolest part? 7-year-old Liam, a Mite, is a sled-hockey player who completed the required shots, too!

Congrats to our latest finishers:

Bobby C.
Liam C.
Patrick C.
Luke D.
Anthony P.
Parker R.
Zach S.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

DOING THE WORK: 19 Challengers are DONE!

Getting it Done!

Congratulations to the following players for completing this year's Challenge so far. There is still over a week to complete the 5000 Shots so don't fret if you're not yet done.  These players have signed sheets turned in and logged at TSR Hockey.  Are you ready to be added to this list?

Aidan C.
Kyle D. (our first finisher!)
Brendan G.
Evan G.
Tyler G.
Tucker H.
Jeremy I.
Evan J.
Brendan K.
Brian K.
Conor K.
William M.
Christos P.
Tyler P.
Itai R.
Liam R.
Brendan S.
Andrew W.

Sniper of the Week

Congratulations to this week's Sniper of the Week: Garrison G.  Garrison is participating in the Challenge for the second year in a row and has already shot 3000 pucks this summer.  He wins a $15 gift card to TSR and a 30-minute shooting lesson with High End Hockey.

Position: Left Defense
Favorite team: LA Kings
Favorite player: PK Subban/Duncan Keith
Lefty or righty: Lefty
Favorite pre-game meal: Pasta with protein
Favorite non-hockey activity: Lacrosse
Favorite pump up jam: GDFR by FLO RIDA


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sniper of the Week is First Finisher

Sniper of the Week: Kyle D.

Congratulations to our latest Sniper of the Week, Kyle D.!  Kyle was this year's first finisher, having shot 6,000 pucks by Week 6 of this year's 5000 Shot Challenge.  Kyle is a 12-year old defensemen who gets a $15 gift card to TSR and a free shooting lesson with High End Hockey (

Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings
Favorite Player: Niklas Lidstrom
Favorite Pump Up Jam: Animals (Remix)
Pre-game Superstitions: None!
Favorite off-ice activity: Golf

Congrats, Kyle!