Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Still Sniping!

Thursday, August 14th:
Joining the Ranks
Joining the ranks of 5000 Shot Challengers finishers are Garrison G., Sean C., Marcus C., Christos P., Christopher K., Tyler G., Aidan P., Brendan S., Conor K., Brian K., and Brendan K....congratulations!!! Shooters have until 08.23.14 to finish their sheets and until 09.02.14 for the sheets to be sent to TSR (via email (juliedalton@tsrhockey.com), via USPS, or by dropping off at any of our locations). We are planning our wrap-up event so stay tuned for details! Thank you Krista and Charlie for the video...keep up the great work!
Monday, August 11th:

Shooting to Win!
With less than two weeks to go, more 5000 Shot Challengers completed their shot requirements and have their names entered to win some fantastic prizes.  Challenge sponsors, Bauer and Shoot to Score Shooting Academy, have rustled up rewards like new sticks, shooting lessons, shooting camps, and more!  Congrats to Ethan G. (5,750), Brendan G. (5,750), and Teddy C. (5,465) for completing their 5000 shots.  Teddy C. even used this fantastic goalie to make his sniping practice more realistic!  Great job, boys!

Thursday, August 7th:

Two More Weeks of Shooting Remain
Jeremy I. shoots top left corner on his way to 5000 shots.

Many of you are close to completing this year's 5000 Shot Challenge -- keep it going!  There are two more weeks of shooting time and, as of right now, NO GIRLS have completed the Challenge and only a couple boys from each age group have done so.  The odds are great that you could win a new Bauer stick (value: $250), shooting lessons, shooting camp, etc.  Get your shots done and your signed sheets in!! Let us know if you need any of the tracking sheets.

Last, there are only two weeks to go in the 5000 Shot Challenge...time is ticking.  Shooting deadline: AUGUST 23rd.  Your sheets are due by 9/2/14 via email (
juliedalton@tsrhockey.com) or by dropping them off at any of our locations.  Winners will be announced on September 5th.  Email juliedalton@tsrhockey.com if you have any questions.

Tuesday, August 5th:
More Shooters Complete the Challenge!
Congrats to Grady C. (5,000 shots), Cam L. (6,190), and Tyler P. (6,365) for completing this year's 5000 Shot Challenge!  We continue to hear how much better our shooters have become, and we continue to congratulate every participant for making a goal and sticking with it.  Keep up the great work!
Proving that hockey is, indeed, a family sport the Kelly brothers from Braintree sent in this shot:
Nicely stacked pucks, gentlemen...good to see those smiles!
Wednesday, July 23rd: 

Teddy C. is well on his way to 5,000 shots.
With a little over a month to go, the 5000 Shot Challengers are hard at work sniping.  We already have two players who have completed the Challenge: Deuce M. and Eddie D....GREAT JOB!!  Deuce even sent in a video!
Tracking forms for Weeks 7-10 are available; just let us know if you need them emailed. Be sure you're sending in your completed and signed sheets. 
Send us your pics for us to post!

Christos P. snipes shot #500.